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3 day training

Unleash your talents, learn essential coaching and communication skills, work on your personal development and mastery.

4 day training

Do you want to take your skills to the next level? Want to get even more to the heart of neuro-semantics? 4 areas of life covered in 4 days.

3 to 7 days

Do you want to learn one of the most comprehensive coaching models? The Matrix model is that model. Learn about how to map peoples experience and how to read peoples language and behaviour.

2 day training

Setback is part of living, but what do you do when it becomes more and more difficult to stay empowered and optimistic when changes occur and setback happens?

1 day training

We all have tremendous powers. Many of us do not know how to access our inner powers. This workshop is about unleashing the core elements that will empower you.

4 day training

Maslow gave us the hierarchy of needs pyramid but not al lot of tools to facilitate self-actualisation. This is the training to learn how to satisfy your lower needs and unleash your Being needs. Can’t be missed!

2 days training

Money matters to most of us. But what is the meaning of money in your life? Money is connected to emotions. Why? We have connected deep beliefs to our money situation form our past. Want to live abundantly? Join us for this 2 day seminar!

NEW! 2 day training

Coaching and depression typically are not directly connected to each other. Depression ‘belongs’ to the therapeutic domain and coaching is associated with goals, solutions and resources. These areas seem difficult to unite. More information…

3 days or modules

Learn how self-actualizing leaders run self-actualizing companies. Learn the insight from the bestselling author of ‘Meaningful Profit’ a true story and twice nominated book about the transformation of a business owner, and his company. This seminar will teach you about your hidden leadership potential and how to unleash the abilities of your staff.

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