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Below you can find seminars suited for business. All seminars are given in English. We offer different possibilities for in-house training in the Netherlands. For any training request for outside the Netherlands please contact us.

Seminar topics:


2 day seminar

70% of all employees (British Telecom survey) would like to communicate more effectively. In this thoroughly tested and tried program you will learn the essentials of communication.

2 day seminar with actor

Do you find it challenging to communicate effectively when talking to ‘higher ups’? Do you get uncomfortable when dealing with higher educated professionals? Do you need to do acquisition with people in ‘higher up’ roles? Then this seminar is for you. Learn essential communication skills under pressure.

3 day seminar

How does an exchange of ideas become an argument, and how does an argument become a conflict? What principles govern conflict? How does one need to think about another to not like someone? What language attributes to conflict and what eases conflict and guides a person back to ‘just exchanging information’?

2 day seminar

Want to learn 5 of the best strategies for effective communication? Do you want to discover how to communicate clearly and goal oriented? Do you want to make sure that you’ve gotten all information needed from the other? Then this is the training for you!

Assertiveness resilience

Workshop of 1 day

This 1 day workshop will teach you what assertiveness is and what your assertiveness style is. From there you will understand the different ways to be more assertive and learn how to deal with emotions, insecurities, boundaries and more.

2 day seminar

Dealing with setback in an everyday changing business environment is crucial. To develop the ability to bounce back effectively can be the difference between ‘making it’ or ‘braking’. This seminar will teach you all you need to know to bounce back at any time.

Personal effectiveness

2 day seminar

This seminar will teach you how to communicate more effectively, get clearer about personal goals and manage yourself. A very effective seminar that will bring self-awareness and structured self-development.

3 day seminar

The best from NLP for self-coaching, talent development and braking through personal barriers. This internationally certified seminar will bring you up to date with the latest developments in ‘state management’, communication and coaching.

Workshop of 1 day

Tapping into your personal powers will support you to face any challenge. This seminar will leave you with the feeling that you ‘can make things move’, create the direction you want and ‘fully be there’.


3 day seminar

As a manager you don’t have the time a personal coach has to coach employees but as a professional you understand the need for tailor-made communication and support. This seminar will do just that. Learn the latest in effective coaching. Getting to the point!

3 - 9 day seminar

Depending on how far you want to take your coaching development you can joint the internationally recognized modular training. In this training you will learn the ins and outs of coaching in the business context. The seminar consists of 3 seminars of 3 days each. You can do all of them or just one depending on your specific needs.

3 day seminar

3 days learning the best form NLP for self-coaching, talent development and braking through personal barriers. This internationally certified seminar will bring you up to date with the latest developments in ‘state management’, communication and coaching.


3 day seminar

Learn how to become a self-actualizing leader and unleash hidden potential in yourself and your employees. Utilize human capital fully with the latest in leadership development.

3 day seminar

To fully utilize the potential of employees a manager needs to understand how the mind works and support staff in their development. This seminar will bring out the leader in you as well as teach you fundamental coaching skills.

Team development

modular workshop

In generative cooperation we seek to facilitate a team in the context of that team (the company, department, sport) and lay the foundation for excellent teamwork. We work to uncover the 5 dysfunctions in teams and facilitate the team to resolve them. The workshops start with a team test.

Presenting / train-the-trainer

2 day seminar or half day workshop

Stage fright?! What’s more frustrating then speaking in public? Public speaking is one of the most uncomfortable things to do for a person, be it presenting a plan or project via PowerPoint or engaging a group of colleagues ‘on stage’. This seminar will teach you how to be at your best and most effective as speaker.

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