I like to write and speak about the topics I cover during my training sessions, speeches and coaching. Below an overview of my latest articles and videos by topic.

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The first WorldWide Crisis YOU can do something about…

The psychology of Meaningful Profit applied to Climate Change

Now more than ever…there is no ‘Planet – B’.

How can we have economic prosperity and take care of our environment at the same time? Why is it  ‘one or the other’? Can we have economic growth and treat our natural environment with the respect it deserves? To solve the dilemma between ‘taking for our own needs’ and ‘giving to something that’s bigger then ourselves’ we need to get back to nature our ‘HUMAN NATURE’. Find out what the secret is of living without this devilish dilemma.

Discover the secret of ‘having it all’…

Stress and relaxation in the workplace

In November 2017 I received a Fellowship (Honoris Causa) of the International Institute of …


How can you deal effectively with emotions? How can you develop a healthy relationship with …

Helpless to optimism

What is pessimism? What is optimism? How can you change your mindset from pessimistic to …


Meaningful profit