In recent years, Wassili was closely involved in writing and publishing several books.


Happiness is depressing

Hidden truths about depression and man’s search for happiness

My new book ‘Happiness is depressing’ is out (In English in April 2019)!

In Happiness is depressing, I take you on a step by step journey from depression to zest for life. But by doing so I had to explore the meaning of happiness and our assumptions about depression. What is happiness? What do we know about happiness and what ideas and assumptions about happiness affect our perception of happiness? What is depression anyway? How does it work? What does the ‘inner world’ look like of a depressed person? And what can we learn from depression about happiness? Anyone that is interested in more happiness in life should read this groundbreaking book especially when you feel down.

Happiness is depressing answers 2 main questions:

  • How do you go from depressed to zest for life?
  • How can the coaching approach create non-therapeutic but effective models for profound change with depression?

Who and Why should you read this book?

    • If you’re a coach or therapist and want to learn new techniques to work with clients who have a depressed mindset you will want to read this ground-breaking book.
    • If you are acquainted with a depressed loved one you will want to read this book because it will help you understand what’s going on.
    • If you’re down yourself, you’ll want to read this book because it will give you understanding and a means to transform the darkness and find light.


Lucas Derks, social psychologist and developer of Mental Space Psychology: “Happiness is Depressing starts lightheartedly and takes you step by step to the causes of depression, and directly after that, frees you from the depressive darkness. A book full of provoking thoughts and exercises that will awaken your inner light. A remarkable show of autonomous thinking.”

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Meaningful Profit

Best business book 2011

Best management book 2012

What do you do when you’re not happy and uncomfortable with where your (work) life is heading? How to lead a company? What do you do when you want more than ‘just’ money? How do you make yourself valuable, what is your contribution, your legacy? Do you work to earn money, or to do something for the world? “Meaningful Profit” shows how opposites go hand in hand.

“Because you can’t fit man in a machine”

The meaning economy in action

In 2005 Ben Steenstra (owner of one of the biggest advertising companies in the Netherlands) began, with the help of coach Wassili Zafiris, a quest in search of himself and changed from being ‘advertisement scum’ into a meaningful entrepreneur.

Outspoken and compelling Ben describes the process of his transformation, the resistance he encounters, the blunders he makes, the successes he achieves, the provocative coaching sessions and confrontations with himself and his staff. Wassili introduces Ben to the psychology of Meaningful Performance and inspires Ben to implement this knowledge in his company. They work closely together to create the worlds first Meaningful Profit company bases on, what today is called, Agile en Lean principles. The combined practical and psychological approach make of  “Meaningful Profit” a particularly good readable book on entrepreneurship and personal development in a time of crisis. Note: at this moment “Meaningful Profit” is only available in Dutch and is in the proces of translation.

Ik BEN niet alleen op de wereld

The book provides inspiration in many areas, including:

  • Motivation and meaning, what are your highest intentions?
  • Personal leadership, how people can take centre stage again
  • The meaning economy, entrepreneurship in the new economy
  • Generative capital, the power of the collective
  • Agile and lean workflow
  • The psychology of Meaningful Performance: how do you create a meaning mindset?

Ultimately Ben and Wassili’s search leads to a new kind of enterprise: a meaningful profit enterprise, the middle ground between profit and non-profit where Human Nature takes centre stage in the workplace.

Authors: Wassili Zafiris and Ben Steenstra

Audience: Anyone who wants to work and live meaningfully.

Available: 2011 – ISBN 10: 9052618380 – ISBN 13: 9789052618388 (Uitgever: SDU)

Note: at this moment “Meaningful Profit” is available only in Dutch.


The ingredients for the ultimate chef, 10 top chefs and their secrets

“Learn how to think like a top chef”

Chefs interviewed: Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Herman den Blijker, Ferran Adria, Nadia Santini, Anthony Bourdain, Curtis Stone, Sergio Herman and Alain Passard.

Over 10.000 copies sold!

“As a chef, you have to have something flamboyant, exciting and always look for the next big thing,” said Gordon Ramsey to Aranka van de Pol. For Alain Passard (France’s top chef) it is important for a chef cook to be a teacher and, according to Sergio Herman (The Dutch Michelin chef) the chef ‘inside you. ”

But what are the real ingredients that create the recipe for the ultimate cook? On the search for this recipe Aranka van de Pol visited, along with photographer Frank de Ruiter and top mental coach Wassili Zafiris, ten of the most successful chefs in the world.


"The world’s first recipe of the mindset of a top chef!"

“A surprising book about cooking, the extreme world of the top chef and the psychology behind the chef.”

Aranka van der Pol travelled around the world to interview, cook and play with the world most renowned chefs. Wassili Zafiris accompanied her and unraveled their thinking to uncover what’s going on in the mind of a top chef. Hence creating the world’s first recipe of the mindset of a top chef!

Authors: Aranka van der Pol i.c.w. Wassili Zafiris

Available: 2008 – ISBN 10: 9085104823 – ISBN 13: 9789085104827 (Uitgever: Dutch Filmworks)

Note: at this moment “Appetite” (Eetlust) is only available in Dutch.