The psychology of Meaningful Profit applied to Climate Change

Now more than ever…there is no ‘Planet – B’. 

How can we have economic prosperity and take care of our environment? Why do we live with ‘one or the other’? Is there a way to have both, to live with growth and treat our environment with the respect it deserves? In order to solve the dilemma between ‘taking for our selves’ and ‘giving for something beyond ourselves’ we need to go back to nature, to our innate HUMAN NATURE’.

Discover the secret of ‘having it all’…

After a year of working with a marvellous team, the results are amazing! My first animation!

How does inspiration become natural? How do we connect deep human drives to deep change and sustainable change? How can we change the big issues of our time? How can we inspire motivation instead of desperation when we think about the environment, climate change and crisis? How does Human Nature actually work? What is the psychology behind motivation, (environmental) decision-making & communication? How do we market sustainability? How can we connect ‘meaning’ and ‘profit’ by becoming a Meaningful Profit company?

What is Meaningful Profit?

Meaningful profit is the theory of the essence of human development and how this relates to economics and business development. Meaningful profit is best described as the developmental theory that integrates two essential human drives: Meaning and Performance.

It is build around 3 pillars:

  1. The psychology of meaning and performance
  2. New insights from Maslows hierarchy of needs
  3. The recognition of Human Nature in business

People have a natural need to live meaningful lives, we need to find, create en develop our meanings to fully live. On the other hand we need to function at our best. People do not just want to perform they want to perform at their best.

Both of these drives can be hampered: it can be difficult for us to actualize our meaning resulting in frustration and disappointment, possibly hopelessness. It can also be a challenge to perform at our best, resulting in insecurity, fear or anger.

To actualize both meaning as well as performance, employees in in companies should be thought how to satisfy deficiency needs. According to Maslow a deficiency need is basically any experience that threatens our safety. Once we feel safe an secure we can get back to our sense of self and refocus on our goals. A deficiency need has a very strong Motivation that only lasts as long as the threat is active. As soon as safety is established the motivation dissipates.

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