What is pessimism? What is optimism? How can you change your mindset from pessimistic to optimistic? In this video Wassili Zafiris takes you from pessimism to optimism one step at the time. This video was shot for the DashNDem art exhibition at the Athens Biennale 2013. Wassili Zafiris explores your mindset to transform it for the better. Try this and find out how you too can become optimistic.

Biennale Athens 2013 – Optimism from Wassili Coaching, Training on Vimeo. This is a video that is part of a work of art of DashNDem, at the Biennale of Athens that opened September 29 2013. 10 world class Life Coaches were asked to participate in a work of art aimed at helping Greeks overcome the crisis. In ‘Reaching Re-birth’ 10 coaches, coach visitors of the Biennale via video messages. Wassili Zafiris talks about pessimism, hopelessness and feeling like a victim and how to transform these thoughts and feelings to optimism.

In 2015 the Biennale Athens 2013 was awarded the Prinsess Margriet Award for Culture. This is the highest European award for culture of the European Cultural Foundation.

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